Questions and Answers

Hier finden Sie alle Fragen, die hinsichtlich der Auktion vom 15.02.2023 gestellt wurden und die entsprechenden Antworten

Q: Are you able to speed the product up with interruptible rates? And if, what would be the costs?

A: Actually we have no interruptible product, but: If your bid is successful, you can ask us and we will have a look. If possible we increase rates for short periods. In these cases we send mails like “additionally to the contractual rate, you can insert/withdraw on an interruptible basis with … MWh/h until 6:00”. To be explicit with the word “interruptible”: you can nominate on an interruptible basis and we will insert/withdraw if possible. If not, insertion/withdrawal on basis of these interruptible rates will not happen.

We can not guarantee, that we will be able to increase rates. But we will try. As a service. No extra costs from us (only costs for additional capacity at the TSO)

Q: Can you confirm that these are definitely the storage curves we should be using?

A: For withdrawal yes. If for example you will be successful for 400 GWh you will get ca. 9,5% (400/4.124,5) of the Working Gas Volume combined with ca. 9,5% of the total withdrawal capacity (2.700 MW at 100% WG), decreasing according to the curve.
For injection it´s different. As we probably will start with a somehow filled storage, we offer injection capacity beyond the curve. Regarding the curve, you will see that the offered capacity of 200 MW (linear falling to 28 MW) for 400 GWh is more than the curve would be for 9,5%.

Q: Can you please confirm what the speed of the storage is with the curves applied, just so we can double check we are modelling it correctly?
A: The  storage curves show the standard case for Wolfersberg.
Maximum injection rate for an “empty storage” at Wolfersberg is 1.582 MWh/h (red line).
Maximum withdrawal rate for a “full storage” at Wolfersberg (4.124.500 MWh) is 2.700 MWh/h (purple line)
In the auction and for an example of 400 GWh it´s as follows:
The withdrawal rate is following the purple curve according to  the current percentage of your Working Gas Volume (= current percentage of your lot in storage). The awarded withdrawal rate is 9,5% of the storages  global withdrawal rate (2.700 MW at 100% WGV).
Injection starts at 200 MW and decreases according to  the current percentage of your WGV linear to 28 MW. Different to the red line in the picture above.

Q: So on the injection side when you are empty (0% inventory) you have 200 MWh/h and then there is a linear decrease to 28MWh/h when you are full (100% inventory). On the withdrawal side im not 100% following, it says in the product description that for 400 GWh lot you have 263 mwh/h and then it decrease’s with the curve. So if we take the point where you are 21.92 % full then you have 41.67% of your rates which = 263 *0.4167 = 109.59 mwh/h. Is my understanding there correct?

A: Injection: Yes.
Withdrawal: Let´s say, on Nov 1st the storage is 100% full and every customer wants to withdraw at his maximum rate. The storages 100% rate is 2.700 MWh/h and 100% WGV is 4.124,5 GWh (to make it easier: 4.000 GWh in the example). A customer having bought 2.000 GWh starts with 1.350 MWh/h. When this customer withdraws and e.g. comes to a WGV of 40% (of his 2.000 GWh), his actual withdrawal rate is at approx. 90%, that is 1.350 x 0,9 = 1.215 MWh/h.

Q: On the fuel gas my understanding was that we would say buy 100 units to inject but only 98 units would go into the storage- is that not correct?

A: More or less. Our System is calculating “upside”. You want to insert 100 and you are nominating 102.