Transparency template

bayernugs GmbH complies with all legal transparency requirements by its publications on the website. In order to grant all market players and interested parties a consistent and therefore easy access to all crucial information, the members of Gas Storage Europe (GSE) have decided to use voluntarily a co-ordinated uniform template for publication: the Transparency Template. In the following Transparency Template we have structured all essential data of our company website and have made them available by link. This will enable you to have a swift overview.

Privacy Policy
Legal Information
Services & facilitiesProducts & Services

Technical Characteristics

Key Data
How to become a customerHow to book capacity?
Contract Information

TSO Information
Marketing Measures
storage contract (sample)

CapacitiesPrimary Market
Secondary Market
Bookable Capacity

Secondary Market
Tariffs & pricingPricing / Tariff informationThe prices of storage services are
determined based on the outcome
of the tenders or on the basis
of other allocation mechanisms
Legal documentationGeneral Terms and ConditionsGeneral conditions for storage access (aszb)
Annex 1 operating manual
Annex 2 Definitions
Operational informationMaintenance
Operational data
Maintenance periods
Fluctuation data