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Teaser Bundled products & feesTeaser Bundled products & fees

Bundled products

 bayernugs offers flexible storage capacity in the form of 10 bundled storage lots, subject to injection & withdrawal curves.

One storage lot has a fixed ratio of

- a maximum injection rate of 153,50 MWh/h
- a maximum withdrawal rate of 263,00 MWh/h
- a maximum working gas capacity of 400.000 MW

and a runtime of at least one storage year (fromn the 1st of April until the 31st of March of the following year, at 6AM respectively).

The storage facility can be operated in a flexible way, without any seasonal constraints and offers fast lead times for the switch-over between injection and withdrawal operations (2 hours respectively).

The storage customer undertakes to provide 1.95% of the gas to be injected in addition to the gas planned for injection. This additional volume includes fuel gas amounting to 1.85% and heating gas amounting to 0.1% of the gas stored as working gas needed for injection and withdrawal. No additional storage capacity is needed for the fuel gas volumes.


The current yearly fee aligns itself with the actual usual market price.

No implementation costs and Injection and withdrawal costs are due for this product. However, the storage customer shall provide fuel and heating gas volumes at the delivery point in addition to the gas volumes to be injected and withdrawn.

More information

Further information pertaining to the storage product is available in the GCSA (and annexes).

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